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New Year, New You

The clock has turned over to 2015. The beginning of a brand new year. A clean slate. So what will you do with it? Have you achieved all you wanted to in 2014? Have you reflected back on the year that was and given yourself a pat on the back […]


When Sh#t hits the fan

So we are in our peak of the busy Christmas season. Lots of bookings especially now that all the Christmas functions have popped up. The days are flying, you’re having a great time and everyone is looking their best. BUT, you are getting TIRED. You tell yourself “there’s only a […]


What will the next year bring?

As we are closing in on the year, it’s time to start reflecting on the year that has been. For you, has it been a long year or has it flown by? Are you happy with your results or is it another year with not quite getting where you wanted […]


It’s holiday time, hooray!

Last week was a hectic week as I prepared for our trip to Fiji. This time of year is hectic and burnout becomes prevalent in the lead up to Christmas. This year we decided to give ourselves a quick rest and recoup trip before it all gets out of control. […]


Video In Your Business Part 2

In Part 1 we talked about the reasons why you would use video in your business. This week I’d love to share with you some tips I learned when it comes to recording your videos. One thing to remember when you are recording is to wear solid colours. Having patterns […]


Melbourne Cup Bonanza!

Did you see the big race? Did you back a winner? Melbourne cup long weekend is usually one where we are home chilling out. This weekend, hubby was busy building a brick shed so today we celebrated with a delicious Barbeque lunch. Some of you in Melbourne were busy this […]


Video In Your Business Part 1

I’d love to share with you some of the great content I received at a recent networking event that covered why using video in your business can help you build your profits. So why would you use video? Video is a great tool when used in marketing to help you […]


Crazy Christmas season is drawing upon us…

Yes, it’s coming to that time of the year. Long days, full appointment book, working 6-7 days to squeeze as many clients in your home salon. Putting yourself last especially because this is “your busiest time of the year so it’ll help even out the quiet times”, or so you […]

The dark side of selling

The old-fashioned hard-sell can seem too much ‘in your face’ and not personal at all. The one thing that gets many stylists stomach in a knot more than anything is to sell to their clients. The pressure is on from the boss to meet your targets and working out the […]


Is success guaranteed in business?

As business owners, we work hard to make our business successful. While it would be great to be promised success guaranteed to us, is this what we really need? Let’s take a closer look. To be guaranteed success, it means there wouldn’t be as much for us to strive for. […]