hairdresserYes, you. I see you struggling away. You’ve got Monday-itis and it’s only now that the wheels are in motion.

You like to relax on a Monday so you get yourself ready for the week ahead.

You try not to think of work but you can’t.

You need to attract more clients and win them over so your book doesn’t look as empty as it does right now.

You’re a bit conflicted though because as much as you WANT to get yourself out there, all that attention on you seems a bit too much for you.

You’d love to build your business without as much hoo-ha and spotlight in yourself.

The only thing is that this can take a loooooong time. Time you don’t want to be sitting Around and twiddling your thumbs, waiting….

You ask around to see what others are doing and sometimes try any suggestions that come up but it doesn’t work and it doesn’t feel right.

After trying countless ways of attracting new customers to your business, you feel like no one really cares about you.

And that’s when your mind takes over and starts to question whether you’re really cut out for this ‘being your own boss’ thing.

“Everyone is much luckier than you. Things are going so well for them, how do they do it? What am I missing?”

“Don’t people like me? But I have so much to offer and my quality is far superior than most people”.

But still, no sale.

And it SUCKS

And is feels like it will never end.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

It CAN’T BE THIS WAY. Not forever at least.

Because you know that you were born for more.

You can SEE exactly how it looks like.

Your confidence has gone through the roof.

You’ve started a waiting list because word has gotten out about you.

You’re FINALLY making the money you’ve always dreamed about AND it seems too easy!

You have THE BEST CLIENTS who totally adore you and helped you build your business for how much they are grateful to you.

Yes. You can see it. So. Clearly.

So why do you feel like reality is a hardass to you sometimes?

You find yourself so excited at the start of the year making so many cool plans for your business and you tell yourself that THIS YEAR is going to be the year that it all happens and then a few months in, just like high tide, you get swept back into the old routine.

My darling, it’s time to change that dear little voice in your head.

It’s time to say IM DONE.

I’m done feeling like this.

I’m done not living the life I was born to live.

I’m done hoping and praying things will get better.

I’m done being scared to grow my business.

I’M SO DONE with mediocrity.


Yes you are.

So start acting it.

Start acting like the person who already is living her dream, earning the income she desires, servicing her DREAM clients, being IN DEMAND because you just can’t hide anymore.

Be THAT person.

What the hell are you waiting for?

Yes, I know she’s hiding in there waiting to come out.

No, you don’t need to wait until your business is busier.

No you don’t have to keep ‘trying’ to be the person you think people want you to be.

No you are not ‘unlucky’.

You see, it all starts with YOU.

How you see yourself is how the world sees you.

If you are not confident, you are screaming it out with your body, your actions and your words.

It all starts inside.

Inside your mind.

Start acting like you are already there. Start making decisions like from that place.

Ask yourself what would I be doing if I was already where I want to be?

What would I say to myself?

What would I be doing differently to what I’m doing now?

For its in who your BEING that will determine what you are DOING and what you HAVE.

Remember, YOU are the creator of your life- make it AWESOME!


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