Video In Your Business Part 1

video cameraI’d love to share with you some of the great content I received at a recent networking event that covered why using video in your business can help you build your profits.

So why would you use video?

Video is a great tool when used in marketing to help you in growing your relationship with your potential clients.


  • It’s more personal
  • Delivers a message more powerfully than with written words
  • People get to experience who you are
  • People love watching over reading
  • You can get the message through much faster
  • It builds your credibility as the expert
  • People are more like to share videos online

Some of the things you will want to consider is whether to go D.I.Y or Professional. Depending on your business and target market, you can have a combination of both.

Some of you may be a bit camera shy, (I know I was certainly quite shy and after about 35 takes on my first video, it finally got easier), and it will become more natural the more you do it. It’s ok to make blooper videos. Actually posting these bloopers every so often will help show your potential clients that you are still human and add a lightness to your image and branding.

An example of using video in your marketing is for testimonials. Imagine a prospective client reading over your written testimonials, then coming across a video testimonial with a client sharing their experience, seeing their delight in your service and how they recommend you. This is POWERFUL social proof for your business.

These days, creating and posting videos online is much easier thanks to the technology within our smartphones, which most of us use. With a simple app, you can turn a video into a short movie including titles, intro and outro.

Join me next week for part two which we will cover a few tips on the basics of video recording and some ways you can share powerful content to help define you from the rest of the competition.