Many people I encounter who are in search for success in their lives are constantly looking for the magic bullet. I’ll be the first to put my hand up and say I’m guilty of this too. I mean, who doesn’t want it all at the click of your fingers?

What I have learned along my own journey in business is that success is not the things you attain, the goals you achieve or the money you make. It’s actually your mindset.

What do I mean by this?

Here’s the thing… In order to achieve all you desire in your business and life, in order to make the money you desire, have the perfect business that suits your lifestyle needs, the body you desire, the free time to do what you wish, it all begins from you.
As an example, if you want to grow your clientele by 10%, you may set yourself a target to start advertising on Facebook to attract more potential clients. You may not know how to create an ad that brings in lots of leads at little cost and with your efforts, you don’t get much in return.

Then you sabotage your effort to call in more leads because it’s all ‘too hard’… It gets pushed aside for later, when you have time, which you never have the time and doesn’t end up as a successful activity.

Or perhaps you want to build your clientele through referrals and since you have a good clientele size, it should be easy to increase the numbers. So, you decide to ask your current clients to refer you to their friends and family. BUT, when it comes time to ASK, you get embarrassed and feel like you are trying to get our clients to do the dirty work for you and you refrain from saying anything at all.

Sound familiar?

This can be a very common occurrence in business and if you don’t get instant success, it can be easy to just give up and not bother trying again.

With a success mindset there is a hunger to win, to get the next client, to increase the sale, to serve your clients above and beyond.

You see, a success mindset is the way you THINK as opposed to what you do.

If you build the habit of persevering, to keep going in the face of obstacles, to decide that your ego/monkey mind who keeps telling you it’s too hard/why bother/clients won’t want you to ask them to do your work for your etc… is actually just being LAZY, which can be lazy ONCE you have gotten yourself to exactly where you are comfortable and happy with your business and life, you’ll find that success is an ongoing process and you can still have fun on your way to it!

Make your top priority to have fun on your journey in business as well as THINK success and you’ll find that it’s actually not too scary or hard to achieve your big goals!

Remember, YOU are the creator of your life – make it AWESOME!

Grace x

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