There is one area of our industry that is not my favourite. The judgement that swings around the place which can ultimately lead to vicious bullying.

Seeing as we have moved a lot of our business and community online, it’s surprising and disappointing that people can be so judgemental and hurtful in these communities, ESPECIALLY when they can hide behind the computer.

I’m glad that this is only a small minority but it still has to be said and looked down upon. We must start having each others backs all the way.

The only reason why there is a lot of so called ‘competition’ in our industry is because that is what WE create!

If you see your neighbour (whether it’s your actual neighbour or the salon down the road) as your competition, you are INSTANTLY SETTINGYOURSELF UP FOR FAILURE.

What goes on in YOUR world (not THE world) is a reflection of your thinking.

If you see yourself as having competition, you will constantly put your focus on there not being ‘enough’.

Not enough clients.
Not enough money.
Not enough consistency in appointments.
Not enough time.
Not enough room for everyone to succeed in business.

And so, it is.

That is what you will see if that is what you’re looking for.

Now you may not actually WANT that, but because you are constantly thinking about the things you DON’T want, i.e. not enough clients, not enough money etc, that is what you will experience. The reason for this is that your mind cannot tell the difference between what you do want and what you don’t want. It excludes what is not in your mind and it simply hears the instruction which it then carries out.

So, if you’re thinking in your mind, “there are not enough clients”, then your mind is closing off the opportunities that will prove that there actually IS enough for everyone and simply only shows you that there is not enough clients because that is the filter you are giving your mind.

Pretty shocking, hey?

That’s what I thought.

Now before you go into denial about what you have been thinking and what you have created, I want you to pause for a moment.

I want you to acknowledge yourself for doing the best you could with the information you had.

We only do our best with what we know.

There is no need to be hard on yourself about it. That’s a useless waste of time.

Instead decide NOW that this is all going to change.

Decide that you will focus on MORE CLIENTS.
You will focus on MORE MONEY.
You will focus on MORE TIME.
AND, decide to focus on ABUNDANCE in business.

Because there really IS enough to go around for everyone.

Have you noticed the feedback your clients give you when they decide that they will never part ways with you?

They love YOU and what you do.

It’s just like when you get comfortable with your doctor. Unless you are really unhappy or your doctor is away, you won’t even think twice about seeing another doctor.

This is EXACTLY the same for us hairdressers.

You will have more than enough clients.
You will attract the right clients for you AS LONG AS you focus on attracting the right clients.
You will make plenty of money as long as you focus on making plenty of money (without thinking there is not enough).

This applies to all areas of life and business.

One success principle that proves itself time and time again is this – ‘What you focus on is what you get, to the exclusion of everything else’.

A bit wordy, but the essence of it is, as I have been saying right throughout this blog is, what you keep at the top of your mind will actualise and what is not in your thoughts, won’t.

So, do yourself a favour and conduct a mental inventory.

Notice where your thoughts are and if they are not helping you to get to your goals, it’s time to change them.

Focus on success and you will attain it.

Remember, YOU are the creator of your life – make it AWESOME!

Grace xx

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