You know what I’m talking about.

You can see it all in your mind, and it excites the fuck out of you.


When it comes to taking even the first step toward it you freeze up.

You find something else that’s ‘more important’ to do right now.

You start telling yourself why it’s not going to work.

And you start to convince yourself that maybe now is not the time for this.

Or maybe not ever…


And it was such a good idea too.

So what’s REALLY stopping you from doing it?

Because we both know that the excuses you are giving yourself right now are, well just that. EXCUSES.

Excuses as to why you shouldn’t do this amazing thing that feels oh so good, in your mind.

Excuses as to what are the consequences associated with putting your idea out into the world.

But, have you ever STOPPED and thought about, well put ALL YOUR FOCUS AND THOUGHTS on why you MUST put your idea out into the world and how it will POSITIVELY impact all those involved?

And how everyone is telling you what an amazing idea it is!

And how they wish they found you earlier?

And how DAMN GOOD it feels know you were the super-genius behind it?


So why the hell are we always drawn to the negative side, the consequences, the inconveniences of the ideas we have that makes it so easy to talk ourselves our of our brilliant ideas, instead of talking ourselves INTO it?

Because we are creatures of habit.

We can’t be bothered doing new things if it means a shitload of change.

If we are throwing ourselves into uncertain waters, we may drown, so isn’t it easier not to go in, in the first place?


Isn’t it much worse living in LIMBO? Asking ourselves ‘I wonder what would have happened if I did do that thing? If I did just follow my heart and not my brain? Where would I be now?”

I think limbo is far more PAINFUL than giving things a go.

Than no even at least seeing if it was worth a shot.

That listening to your gut instinct is actually the thing you MUST do.

Because these ideas don’t just come out of nowhere – they are sent to you, and YOU specifically, to carry out.

And if you don’t act on it?


It’s gone. Never to come back.

And then someone, somewhere down the track has the same idea, but ACTUALLY LISTENS to the calling and creates this magical thing.

And you sit there thinking, I had that idea first.

Is this the way you want your story to play out?

Go do that thing that’s been sitting in your mind, begging for you to take it out into the world.

You know you must.

Forget the emotion, forget the logic.

Trust your heart and go for it. You can see the result, so make time catch up and make it happen!!

Remember, YOU are the creator of your life – make it AWESOME!

Grace xx

P.S. This story doesn’t just come from nowhere. This is exactly what happened to me with the launch of my new book Salon Success Secrets Vol. 2 – Become a Retail Superhero.

I knew I had to write this book. It’s been sitting, stirring and brewing inside of me, until Wednesday. I was journaling about what I aspire to achieve and what I have achieved, and then, it came to me. I stopped my journaling instantly, took out my notebook and wrote until I didn’t have anything left to write. I wrote the title and the chapters titles. It was ready to explode out of me. I saw the whole book in my mind and I got such a good feeling inside – I almost wanted to jump from my chair and scream with excitement, but as I was in a café, I thought I’d better celebrate within.

And that is why I launched it that afternoon. I couldn’t wait any longer. I could already see how this book will positively affect all the salon owners, employees and apprentices who read it. I saw the vision of all the positive feedback I was receiving about this book, how salons have been waiting for a book like this one.

If you want to check out what it’s all about and why you can’t be without it, take a look here

I’m doing a special pre-release price for you and a BONUS came to me just now – I will be holding a LIVE MASTERCLASS on Becoming a Retail Superhero – where I will go through the lessons within the book with you just before the book launches so you can get excited, get the learnings and start using them EVEN BEFORE the book comes out!!! And then of course, your book is delivered to re-inspire you and for you to refer back to. How freaking awesome is that! This masterclass only for those who pre-order, so don’t miss this incredible offer!

And so, this is why I urge you to do the same. ACT ON THOSE INSPIRATIONS! They really are a devine message for you to go and create, to make your mark in the world and inspire your people.

Go forth and conquer my friends!! 💪💪💪