Have you ever done an audit on your time?

You may be quite surprised at how much time is wasted on doing things that don’t enhance your life.

You are here to make a difference. You are here to make a positive impact on others.

When you use your time inefficiently, you drop your energy and direct the focus away from your devine purpose.

It may seem I’m getting all fluffy on you, but hang in with me.

You see, I believe that people like us, the creatives, the influencers, the connectors were not just fancily wanting to be a hairdresser/beauty therapist/insert your role, because it sounds like fun (well, yes it DOES sound like fun and of course, it is!).

I believe it goes deeper than that.

You have something in your soul that calls you to it.

To the point where when you are not in your element, doing what you love, you feel like a deflated balloon.

Have you ever wondered why it is so?

It’s because IT IS your purpose.

Your heart and soul yearn for it and you are ENERGIZED when you practice it. It gives you life!

And that’s is why when you don’t do it, when you feel discouraged from it, your energy dramatically drops and you feel terrible.

And this is why you must do the work that is inside of you.

Share that magic, that creativity, the love and passion you have for your craft and your clients.

People may try to distract you, discourage you, push you away from it. But nothing they do can dim that flame of desire within you to create that transformation for you clients.

Oh, and those beautiful clients!

Do you see the twinkle in their eyes when your done?

Do you see them smile at themselves, feeling good about themselves and shifting their own energy into happiness and love?

You did that.

You helped them to feel amazing about themselves and that is a GIFT that is surely to be celebrated.

YOU have that gift.

You must continue sharing that gift as the world needs YOU and the magic and joy only you can bring into the world.

When you get into this space, the space where you can truly acknowledge yourself for being that beautiful, amazing creator, THAT is when you will get the results you desire.

The clients who ADORE you.

The income you only previously DREAMED of.

The SUPPORT you wish you had.

And that passion that you have? NOTHING can get in the way of your dreams and mission. Otherwise, they will be steamrolled.


You have it inside baby!

Let your magic SHINE!

Remember, YOU are the creator of your life – make it AWESOME!

Grace x

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