What I have been learning along the way in business as I have grown in the different stages is that fear and resistance will never leave you 😱

And that’s a good thing.

Why on earth would I say a crazy thing like that?!?

As I go through my own levels of learning in business and as I see other salon owners go through the same, one thing remains a constant.

Fear and resistance always show up with each level. And they sometimes feel a bit stronger as you grow.

You may wonder why this is the case.

When it comes to learning and growing in business and life, I love using the analogy of video games because with each stage of business we go through, we must ‘clock’ that level to move on.

We must face the challenges that are within that level, work out the solution to move through it or past it so that we can reach the end and move on.

In the salon, this may be about filling up your appointment book consistently. Once you move through the challenges you face with how to keep that book filled so that there are little to no appointments left each week, such as keeping up your marketing to attract clientele, following up with clients who haven’t booked in etc… and once you have done this, you have ‘clocked’ this level and are now ready to move on to the next challenge you face in your new level.

The lesson you learn from this is what will help you move through each stage. When you take those lessons on board, you grow as a person through your experiences which enables you keep moving through each challenge.

The quicker you realise fear and resistance will always be there, you will find your reaction to fear and resistance becomes one of problem solving and the quicker you can get on with being your awesome self and keep on moving up!

Onwards and upwards!

Remember, YOU are the creator of your life – make it AWESOME!


P.S. If you’ve been resisting moving up your income level, you’ll find there is resistance around receiving more money and allowing yourself to smash that glass ceiling and earn your potential!

In my Sales Explosion🎇 eCourse you’ll learn what to do to remove that fear an resistance around sales. These are the modules we’ll cover through the program:

• Module 1: Sales Mindset – what it takes to achieve extraordinary sales
• Module 2: Psychology of sales – get the insights on consumer behaviours, client types and how to be effective with how you sell
• Module 3: Become a Retail Superhero – Unleash your inner Retail Superhero and get comfortable with selling retail off the shelf!
• Module 4: Crafting Irresistible offers – Crafting offers that have your clients saying YES PLEASE!
• Module 5: Overcoming objections, the secret formula – Objections can throw you off guard. Overcome these objections by having the upper hand!
• Module 6: Systems for continued success – What most courses miss is to teach you how to consistently keep the sales rolling in

Oh, and have I mentioned there is a BONUS EXTRA Q&A training I announced in the 6th module? You get an extra hour of even more gold nuggets around the sales secrets to help you kick butt in your sales game!

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Get onto it and make your Christmas sales your highest in business to date!