As we approach Christmas and as our books continually fill, there may be a small ounce of dread at the thought of the 4 weeks leading up to Christmas.

Back to back appointments, phone ringing off the hook, clients trying to squeeze in last minute, sore shoulders back and feet, and falling into a heap at the end of a crazy week.

When you start to feel this sense of dread about what is to unfold in the silly season, remind yourself of why you do what you do.

It can be easy to get caught up in the ‘process’ of doing your job, especially when under pressure and forget the little things.

Why you are working your ass off? why your pulling the longer hours? why you will sometimes take on extra days to cover your clientele appointments?

Why are you doing it anyway? 🤔

Is it because you want to create an amazing life for you and your family?

Is it because you haves burning passion and creativity inside of your that you have to express creatively in the form of your craft?

Do you want to work your own hours?

Do you want to buy yourself and your kids the little luxuries you never had growing up?

Do you want to help your clients feel amazing about themselves by making them look and feel like a million dollars?

Or, even a combination or them…

Whatever it is for you, when you are feeling the pressure of your work or feel like you’re stuck in a daily grind, remind yourself of these.

You’ll notice when you pause and step back to take a look at how far you have come, what your striving to achieve and how much of an impact you a;ready make on your clients, you’ll instantly shift into gratitude and your whole attitude about what you do will return back to passion and burning desire!

Live for the passion!

Remember, YOU are the creator of your life – make it AWESOME!

Grace x

P.s when you continually tap into that burning desire, the passion within, and then you set yourself up so that business becomes easy and fun, then you will find that life takes a whole new meaning.

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