Too many times I hear salon owners complain about quiet times and how it’s ‘usually this time of year’.


If you keep focusing on the quiet times, you’ll only see more quiet times.


The past DOES NOT equal the future.


The future is up to YOU to decide.


You have this moment to decide now, today, how you want your tomorrow to look.


If you’re busy looking at the past, you’ll only keep seeing the past!!!


If you find it hard to imagine what you do want to see, then it’s time to play a game.


I wonder…


“I wonder what it would be like when I’m fully booked with the best clients I could ever ask for”…


“I wonder what it would be like having a waiting list”…


“I wonder what it will be like when I make $x extra each week”…


“I infer what it look like when my clients keep telling their family and friends about how much they love me and the hair and the phone keeps ringing off the hook with appointments”…


You see, it’s just as easy to think about where you want to be as it is to think about where you don’t want to be.


The only problem is, thinking about where you don’t want to be will get you there.


The good news? Thinking about where you WANT to be will get you there too.


Take your pick.


Choose success or lack of it.


Have fun imagining and creating!!


Remember, YOU are the creator of your like – make it AWESOME!


Grace x


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