Is your vibe killing your business?

picI spent a bit of time today thinking back about my early days in the salon and one thing that I realise that was holding me back in my business from growing and attracting clients more quickly was my vibe.

So what I mean by vibe is your energy. I was a fairly shy and quite introverted. When I was trying to attracting clients, I found that this was one thing that held me back and by being shy I wasnt obviously didn’t have the confidence to attract my clients

And I found that my shyness was not only because I was fairly introverted, it was also because I was shy about talking to people and socialising with people I didn’t know.

This was a habit that had been ingrained in me from when I was young. There was a lot of ‘don’t talk to strangers ‘ beliefs that have been embedded in me and so as much as I knew the difference between strangers and prospective clients, deep down I didn’t want to talk to new people. I had a fear about talking to new people.

Another belief that held me back was my fear of not being liked. If I didn’t put myself ‘out there’ then I didn’t have to worry about being rejected or not being liked.

And because these fears were so ingrained in me, I found that this was holding me back in business. It also led me to not a being confident person about myself I found it really challenging to attract clients because I wasn’t emitting the energy of confidence.

Going forward in time as I built my business, I had to radically change my beliefs about people so that I can be successful in business.

Once I made both belief changes and as I began to put myself out there I realised that it was actually really exciting working with clients and my energy started to increase and I started projecting my excitement and confidence which clients were loving that my clients.

As my clients got to know me better they started referring people not only because of my skills but also because of my personality and energy.

And that’s when I realise how important a high energy or having that attractive energy is really important in attracting clients and filing your books

Your energy especially when your meeting with prospects you’re wanting to convert to clients, is so important in the process of closing the sale, winning over your prospects and also maintaining your regular clientele.

I mean seriously, who wants to go to a hairdresser who is very bland and emotionless, who doesn’t have something interesting to talk about or just looks like they’ve had a really bad day and just want to crawl in a corner. Not me that’s for sure!

The moral of the story? If you’re finding it difficult to attract in your clients, have a look at what your energy is like when you are doing your marketing and when you’re talking with people about what you do.

TIPS around raising your energy:
1. remember why are you going to your career in the first place was it to transform your clients and see how happy it makes them was it because you have a burning desire and passion for your career. What was it that attracted you into your career in the first place tap into that

2. As soon as you enter your salon put yourself in that high energy state get excited about serving your clients think about how amazing they would feel and how they would pick up your contagious energy as soon as they see you and see how excited you are. When you have high energy that’s full of life and happiness people are attracted to that and want to be a part of that. So leave any emotional baggage out the door as it’s not needed and it also can be quite hurtful for your business give your clients are reason to come back not just because of your skill level because that alone will not keep your clients coming back your clients want to feel amazing so if you’re dragging the energy in the room down because of your personal shit don’t even work for the day cancel your clients and rearrange them or simply leave your crap at the door because no one wants to be around and energy draining person

3. The last tip is if you’re really not feeling the energy act as if. Act as if you are already feel amazing and that you’re excited about life you’re excited about doing your clients here because the minute you start acting like it you have to change your posture and you have to change way you’re looking and what will happen is you all feel like it anyway from acting as if you will feel it so sometimes it’s that little nudge that you need to give yourself to get the ball rolling

Follow these steps and you’ll find yourself attracted more clients easily and effortlessly.

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