When I speak to salon business owners, I find that one common thing that comes up when it comes to describing what they want for their business is that they are not able to clearly articulate exactly what they want.

They have a rough idea, you know the usual:

• Make more money

• Have flexibility

• Work the hours they want

But going further than that? This is where it gets tricky.

You see, if you cannot clearly define or articulate what you want out of your salon, where you see yourself in 5,10,20 years time (did I freak you out with the last one?), then how on earth do you think you will get there?

Too many people say they want to work for themselves, make more money, have a business that they can work the hours that suit them, yet, they start to head down this road and then find themselves stuck.

Stuck with working more hours than they anticipated.

Stuck with making more money, but then that money seems to disappear quickly too.

Stuck with what feels like a job but with more responsibility.

And it’s very easy to fall into this trap. I mean, were you the type that thought “It’s easy to run a salon business, I can do it myself. I’m going to open up shop from home” and then realise there is so much to it than that? (if yes, you must read The E-Myth by Michael Gerber – a classic book about this behaviour and the roles of a business person). I will put my hand up and say yes , I did that too 🙈

This is a very common occurrence when you don’t sit down and spend time on figuring out exactly what you want from your salon business.

Do you want to earn a few extra hundred bucks a week?

Do you want to create a boutique salon experience for your clients?

Do you want to create a business for mums and work around their hours because you understand the life of a mum?

Do you want to create a super profitable business and aim for $100K p/a?

Whatever your goal may be, and mind you, there is no right or wrong, you MUST get clear on what it is, otherwise your goal of an ideal salon business will just remain in your dreams…

Remember, YOU are the creator of your life (and your kickass salon business), make it AWESOME!

Grace x

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