I bet just as you read the heading, you immediately rolled your eyes in resonance. You may have dealt with this in the past or may still deal with this today.

This whole business of client’s ‘wanting it done cheaper’.

I know your blood boils when it comes to hearing anything remotely related to this topic.

I hear you.

I appreciate it.


It’s not nice to have someone undervalue what you do because ‘they can get it cheaper somewhere else’ 👎👎👎

It can be super easy to get all defensive and do your best to hold yourself from thumping that client there and then.

I want to tell you there is a better way.

I don’t need to sit here and tell you how valuable you are.

How more than qualified you are.

Or how much you love your craft, sometimes more than your partner 😉

So rather than get stroppy and feel like you have to justify yourself and your pricing, remember this.


You have absolutely every right to charge for your services as you feel fit, without another bat of an eyelid (and a finely made up one at that!).

If there is an inkling of anger or resentment with anyone who asks you for a discount, I urge you to bring it in and ask yourself why you think you react in this way.

Is it because it makes you feel unworthy?

Is it because it causes you to doubt or second guess yourself?

Is it because you feel you have to listen or mould in with the crowd because you think that others know better than you?

My darling, let me let you in on a little secret.

You have a wealth of knowledge.


That’s right.

You know those hunches you get, that you ignore because you think they’re wrong? Yeah those.

That’s the goldmine within you that’s trying to reach out and guide you.

And yet you brush it aside.

When you start tapping into THAT goldmine, you will find all the shit you go through with clients tend to just drop off.

Like magic.

You could almost say it is magic.

Because you are finally using what has been innate, all this time.

And suddenly, life just seems to be all dandy.

And you wonder why it ever was hard.

So, what has this got to do with your clients?


When you start to listen within, you stop listening outside.

You stop comparing yourself to everyone else.

You stop justifying your prices.

AND, you charge what your worth without a second thought and send away those that don’t appreciate you, on their merry little way.

The end.

Remember, YOU are the creator of your life – make it AWESOME!


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