DO THAT ONE THING YOUR AVOIDING… (get ready for the rant)

You know the thing I’m talking about.

The one thing that you know will change the game for you.
Procrastination is easy but it won’t get you results. AND it won’t make you happy.

This is the thing that drives me crazy about human beings (me included).

On the most part, we say we want things, we say we will do what it takes but when it comes to the crunch, it’s so much easier to go do the thing that’s fun, that we like, that’s shiny and new…
Rather than the thing we know is going to REALLY make us happy?


Why the hell do we do that?

It’s a fight or flight thing.

You see, even though we have far moved past the whole surviving to eat era, we still use our flight or fight mode but much more often for the emotional side of things.

When you tell yourself something seems scary to down the path (even if it’s not in those words exactly), your monkey mind – the instinctual side kicks in and thinks there is a threat because of the unknown and you start to retreat and move on to something else instead where it’s ‘safe’.

Now, even though there is no physical danger and more than like you won’t DIE, your mind can’t distinguish the difference, so it acts as if it is a real threat to your survival.

Hello self-sabotage!

Make sense?


So, if you find yourself kicking your own ass about not doing the things you strongly desire to do because it seems scary to go down the path unknown, remind yourself why your doing it in the first place.

See the worst-case scenarios that could come about.
And here’s the kicker…

See the BEST-CASE SCENARIOS that could come about too.
We are too conditioned to expect the worst instead of the best.
I’m not going to sit here and tell you to put your fingers in your ears and sing La-La-La-La and ignore what could go wrong. That’ll just make things worse. Get it over and done with and look it dead in the eye.

THEN look at the best-case scenario – end it on a high and get excited about what this could mean for you.

More Money
More Time
More Freedom.
More Clients.

Whatever it is for you, stop avoiding it and shine the light on it. Remove the uncertainty so you can start walking to where your headed.

It doesn’t take much.

Just a decision.


Remember, YOU are the creator of your life – make it AWESOME!
Grace x

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