Crazy Christmas season is drawing upon us…

Yewoman pulling hair outs, it’s coming to that time of the year. Long days, full appointment book, working 6-7 days to squeeze as many clients in your home salon. Putting yourself last especially because this is “your busiest time of the year so it’ll help even out the quiet times”, or so you keep telling yourself so you have an excuse for the crazy hours, full weeks working and almost no social time (or being too tired to even enjoy it). You are your own boss and you don’t get paid annual leave so this is why you work hard, so you can supplement your time off.

I’ve been there, and I did it for many years where I ended up exhausted and wanted to just sleep on Christmas Day. Not a happy Christmas at all.

It’s important to set yourself for business success as well as looking after your own health, especially in peak times where emotions can run high, your body runs on adrenalin and suddenly everything comes to a halt from Christmas onwards.

Don’t be the one to end up sick on your Christmas holidays because of this vicious cycle. Break the habit and set yourself a few ground rules:

  1. Block out time for yourself to do as you please
    Working 7 days is not cool. Do it for long enough and watch your health spiral downwards. Be ahead of the game and plan your rest time so there’s no excuses!


  1. Manage your time effectively

Be organised when it comes your appointments. Make sure you have a cancellation policy for your clients to reduce the number of no shows – no shows drastically affect your income and they spoil other loyal client’s opportunities to have services done instead.
Also cluster your admin work to once a week. You’ll get it done faster and you can spend more peak time doing your client services


  1. Explode your retail sales

Now more than ever is a great time to amp up your retail sales. Give yourself a challenge: smash your last year or highest ever retail sales. Usually your suppliers will have great product packs that are great value so they generally tend to sell themselves. Your clients will be maintaining their hair with great quality products, it helps make your clients more sticky to your business and if you need even more incentive, the extra $$$$’s can be used to book a holiday! Win/win! Go for gold here, because this is where the big bucks come in without you having to work hard for it.


  1. Look after your health

Make sure you are having your 2 litres of water a day, getting your exercise 3-5 days a week and giving yourself a mental break too. You only have 1 body temple for your whole life, you may as well care for it as best you can so you can get the most mileage out of it!

Go forth, set your rules and make 2014 your record breaking year in sales whilst still having high energy and enjoy your Christmas holidays even more!