After having a coffee with any owner of a product company yesterday, we spoke about the challenges that sole operators and staff had selling retail.

There are some key elements that came up from both our observations:
• Some weeks staff were confident with selling and others they were not
• Some owners felt icky selling to clients because they felt like they were pushing products
• Most of them knew their products inside out but DIDN’T HAVE the selling skills – how to actually sell

One of the key factors in this was their CONFIDENCE around selling.

Have you noticed that when you feel confident, you get so much more done? You get more sales in the bag and you generally achieve more?

This is because you are NOT telling yourself that you can’t!
Confidence is a feeling that you can choose to feel at any time. And when you choose confidence, you are telling yourself entirely different stories than when you choose not to feel confident.

When you choose to tell yourself that it’s easy to sell to clients because they love my products and how it makes their hair feel, then you will notice that it is true. Your body posture is different, the tone of voice you speak with is different, and you exude confidence that is noticed by the client. This makes the client feel comfortable and open to your suggestion.

Quite the opposite is true when you don’t choose confidence.
Your body posture is more drooped, you voice may be a little shaky, you might feel a bit embarrassed or hesitant about your products and your clients will see your discomfort straightaway which sends a signal to their brain that tells them something is wrong in this situation and to be aware and proceed with caution.

This is why when you are not confident, your clients won’t buy from you. They don’t trust you! They can see that you are not comfortable which makes them uncertain and when uncertain, they won’t buy.

So remind yourself why it is your clients DO love your products, how it will benefit them and let them know!

When you love and believe in your products, it is easy to be confident about them and of the sales come naturally!

Remember, YOU are the creator of your life – make it AWESOME!

Grace xx

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