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It’s now or too late

How many times have you gone to do something for your business but held yourself back only to kick yourself later for not going with your gut?   That’s your ego- that little voice in your head. It can say this in many different ways but its message is simply […]



My new theme word for the year is UNAPOLOGETIC. This word has finally made its way to every fibre of my being. Growing up I was constantly conditioned to be the ‘good girl’ – finish school, choose a career, go to university (oops I didn’t do that), get married, start […]


Are you putting on a game face?

I did a livestream on Facebook earlier today about being your authentic self. You can check it out here I wanted to ask you, in your business, are you being your AUTHENTIC self or are you putting on a game face that you think people want to see? Putting on […]