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Your Dazzling Salon

You are excited to set up a new salon in your home or in your garage. Congratulations! I remember when I set up professionally in my new home (see the picture above). Before that, I was operating out of one of mum’s spare rooms. It’s a big leap forward from […]


Employee to Entrepreneur

An extract from Home Salon Accelerator   As a business owner, for many years I never saw myself as an entrepreneur, just a business owner. There are many differences between an employee, an entrepreneur and a business owner. I wanted to start with this chapter because I want to get […]


Making Business Easy

An extract from the upcoming book Home Salon Accelerator   As a business owner, there are a lot of responsibilities being involved with running a business and keeping a business going. So what could make our business easier? What are the benefits of having these easy areas of our business, […]