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The Power of Implementation Retreats

I have to tell you my excitement is growing day by day as Friday is drawing near. I will be attending a book writing retreat ( if you’re curious about it). Yes, I have already written a book so why on earth am I attending this retreat? Salon Success Secrets […]


Love is in the air

This Saturday is Valentine’s Day. A day where we get to spoil our partners and get spoilt ourselves. Even though this shouldn’t be left to just one day a year, it’s nice to go through the motions While we are on the topic, how are you romancing your clients? Not […]


For All The Mumprenuers…

It isn’t easy juggling business when you have kids in the picture. I know a lot of mums who struggle with this. You find that you have to give up your Saturdays with the kids as it’s always busy and Sunday you are pretty tired, yet you have to be […]